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Charlie Woods Photos
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Shown below are a collection of 361st FG photographs kindly donated by Bill Woods, son of Charlie Woods. Charlie was with 375th FS, 361st FG. Where possible we have tried to add to Charlie's original captions from his photo album.

Please click on the thumbnail picture for a high quality enlargement.

"Bub in U."(Lt. Charles 'Bub' Willis in in E2-U(bar) 42-106744 a war-weary P51B).

"2 ships peeling off."
"375FS Formation" - (Spring 1945). 

"375th Formation."

"Lining up before a mission" - (taken at Chievres).
"DP, Howard & Bub" - (DP, Howard Winn & Lt. Charles ' Bub' Willis).

"Revetment from rear" (taken at Little Walden). 
"Revetment at Little Walden."

"375FS Formation."

"375FS Formation."

"375FS Formation - Hello Darkfold."

"Andy giving Pete a line" (spring 1945 Lt.Richard 'Andy' Anderson giving Pete a line).
"'Fuzzy on Hardstand" (Lt. Donald 'Fuzzy' Farrar on Hardstand).
"Duke beside his ship" (Lt. Stephen 'Duke' Kovach beside his ship).
"Greg & Travis" (Greg & Lt. Lee C Travis).
"P-47 T-Jug" formerly Major Ray Caviness P-47 'Goona' E9-C, which passed on to 5th ERS and the 355th FG. The photo is probably taken at Steeple Morden.
"P-47" (E2-L of the 375th FS was formerly 'Harriet' of the 5th ERS. It was being used for pilot training).
"Tinkham's ship" (Lt Edwin E Tinkham's ship 'Second Love').
"Jim Sullivan" Jim Sullivan fellow 375th FS pilot with his P51d 'Bettys Delight'.

"Lundin's crack-up" (F/O Jared M. Lundin's crack-up near Chievres. This ship was formerly Skybouncer part of the famous Bottisham 4).