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Aviation art with a 361st FG theme
Paintings are in alphabetical order - please click on the thumbnail image for a high quality enlargement.
"Tika IV" by Paul Nikolic
Tikka IV - 361st fg/374th fs flown by by Vernon R Richards accompanied by  B7-H of 1st Lt. Clarence Eugene "Bud" Zieske and other 374th FS Mustangs. Painted with oil on canvas. For more details please email:-
Paul Nikolic
"Sting of the Yellowjackets" by Robert Bailey
P-51D's of the 361st FG defend a crippled B-17.Veterans editions are available from Joe Ormond  or see: -
"Detroit Miss" by Rich Dann
The painting displays the aircraft along with another P-51 escorting a wounded B-24J Liberator back to England. Available from: -
"Lou IV" by Fred Deaver
Colonel Christian's aircraft Lou IV/Athlene pictured here with 3 other 375th FS Mustangs. 
No website available.
"Spirit of the Fighter Pilot" by  Lou Drendel
This P-51D was flown by Ace Major Wallace Hopkins, 374th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group, 8th U.S. Air Force in the Summer of 1944. Available from: -
"Lou IV" by Bob Durnan
Two P-51Ds of the 375361st Fighter Group,USAAF climb to altitude. LOU IV is flown by Colonel Tom Christian, the C.O. of the Group. Available from: -
"Lou IV" by Roy Grinnell
The painting shows Lou IV of the 375th FS, flown by Colonel Christian in  summer 1944. Available from: -
"Ferocious Frankie" by Wade Meyers
Wallace Hopkins' Ferocious Frankie of the 374th FS  warming up her engine in readiness for flight. Available from: -
"Famous 4" by Dana Muelot
Four 375th FS Mustangs led by Colonel Christian somewhere over England in July 1944. Available from: -
"Mustang Dawn" by Dana Muelot
Two 376th FS Mustangs cavort somewhere over England.
Available from: -
"Lou IV" by Dana Muelot
Colonel Christian's gorgeous Lou IV/Athlene which was sadly lost on August 12 1944 at Boisleux-au-Mont. Available from: -
Easy 2 Sugar" by Dana Muelot
E2-S of the 375th FS the famous Mustang flown by Urban Drew in  much used July 1944 publicity photographs. Available from: -
"Ist Lt. Urban L.'Ben' Drew" by Lonnie Ortega
Drew was assigned to 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group based at Bottisham, Cambridgeshire.  During his tour with the "Yellowjackets", Drew Completed 75 missions, rising to command of "A" Flight and the 375th Squadron. Among his victories, most noteable were the two Messerschmitt 262's on 7 October 1944.
"Gunfight over Achmer" by Lonnie Ortega
"Ben" Drew, flying his P-51D "Detroit Miss" & shooting down two Me262 jet fighters when he caught both jet aircraft over from Achmer Aerodrome. 1944. Available from: -
"A Big Victory" by Stan Stokes
August 25th 1944, Lake Schall. Urban Drew flying his P-51 Detroit Miss, destroys a Blohm and Voss 238, the largest aircraft to fly during WWII.
"Home Run" by Robert Taylor
Colonel Christian's Lou IV and two other 361st FG Mustangs sweep low over a tributary of the Rhine some time in summer 1944.
Available from numerous galleries.
"The Mighty 8th-Outward Bound" by Robert Taylor
78th FG Thunderbolts preparing to depart Duxford - with two visiting 361st FG Mustangs in the background while overhead are other 361st FG Mustangs.
Available from numerous galleries.
"Bringing the Peacemaker Home" by Robert Taylor
Damaged 8th Air Force B-17 'The Peacemaker' escorted by P-51B Mustangs of the 361st FG approaches the English coast, July 20, 1944.
Available from numerous galleries.
"The Luck Of The Draw" by Marlin Troutman
Capturing WWII History as German flying Ace Mietusch was shot by Lt. William R. Beyer Sept. 17, 1944.
Available from: -
"P-51 Mustangs - Here Comes Trouble" by Barry Weekley
Detroit Miss and another 375th FS P-51B Mustang go looking for trouble somewhere over enemy occupied Europe. Available from www.barryweekley.com  
"The Katzenjammer Kid" by Troy White
Lt. Urban "Ben" Drew of the 361st FG pursues a Bf 109 from III./JG 53during an August 25, 1944 mission to Rostock. Flight-leader Drew was flying "Suzy-G", Frank Glankler's veteran P-51B Mustang, instead of hi
s "Detroit Miss" due to a faulty supercharger detected in his Mustang after take-off.
Available from: -